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Visit with Santa by Appointment

Highlights of this visit:

-Time reserved for just your family without the lines- Santa will listen to secret Christmas wishes

- Each visitor with Santa will receive a personalized gift from Santa

- Santa will pose for individual and group photos-Visit time up to 20 minutes

-Story telling or reading by Santa depending on the number of visitors in your group-Includes a video of your visit and Santa's                    reading of "The Night Before Christmas"

-Visit includes one 8"x10" color photograph; others will be available for purchase

-You may also use your own camera or video recorder, IF in Santa's opinion it does not interrupt the visit

-Price is only $200.00 and is required at the time of booking.  It is non-refundable.  If you are unable to keep your scheduled visit

       time, we will attempt to reschedule, but cannot guarantee it.  If you are 

      late your visit maybe cut short as to not inconvenience those who may already be scheduled.

-These limited availability appointments are offered Saturday and Sunday mornings.

-If your group of Santa visitors is 5 or more you should consider booking two back to back appointments. It will allow Santa to offer

      everyone a more enriching experience.

Call Santa's Claus-et 865-430-9822 to book your unique visit 



To Schedule ON-LINE

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